Touring Sea Kayaks

Our touring sea kayaks feature excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics. The longer models are popular with multi-day sea kayakers, pro expedition kayakers, outdoor programs and tour companies, while the shorter models provide touring sea kayak characteristics with increased stability and are perfect for day tours and short overnight runs.

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Maintou 13


Ultimate versatility. Blending speed, handling and stability, the Maintou 13 gives the feel and glide of a touring kayak with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. It features a large cockpit for easy entrance and exit and it is compact and light weight for easy carrying and car-topping.
  Length: 3.9m       Width: .63m  
  Weight: 20.4kg   Cockpit: .87 x .41m  
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Maintou 14 Fibreglass


The Manitou 14 retains the stability and comfort of its shorter siblings while helping you advance your paddling skills. With a retractable skeg to improve tracking, it delivers performance that will satisfy even hardcore paddling enthusiasts. You won’t outgrow this kayak anytime soon…
   Length: 4.4m     Width: .61m  
   Weight: 19.9kg   Cockpit: .90 x .41m  
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Looksha 14


Looking for a compact kayak that can carry a load? Check out the sporty Looksha 14. Sleek lines combined with a large roomy cockpit make the Looksha 14 perfect for touring and coastal exploring. It has excellent tracking and glide, while offering great edge control with a smooth transition between primary and secondary stability…
  Length: 4.3m     Width: .63m  
  Weight: 26kg     Cockpit: .87 x .41m  
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Looksha 17 Fiberglass


The Looksha 17 composite is a sporty touring kayak designed to cover some distance. Featuring the Extrasport seat pad with back band, composite thigh braces and a rudder system, it’s designed to get you where you’re going as efficiently as possible…
   Length: 4.9m       Width: .64m  
   Weight: 26.8kg    Cockpit: .87 x .46m  
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The Eskia sea kayak with its large cockpit and Extrasport® XtraComfort™ seat is a very comfortable and capable sea kayak. Its solid stability and multi-chine diamond hull provides a reassuring ride for beginners. Features bow and stern storage hatches with bulkheads, carry handles…
   Length: 4.9m       Width: .64m  
   Weight: 26.8kg    Cockpit: .87 x .46m  
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Elaho HV


The Elaho HV features a multi-chine diamond hull and rocker which combine to make a high performance sea kayak with excellent secondary stability. Whether you use the Elaho HV for touring, fitness or recreation you will find it both willing and responsive…
  Length: 5.2m     Width: .57m   
  Weight: 27.7kg  Cockpit: .84 x .46m  
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Eliza Polymer


Named after an island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, our women’s kayak feels so good you never want to get out of it. Its compact cockpit makes you feel secure and firmly in control. And its balance of maneuverability and reduced drag will help you keep up with the guys. Or just plain leave them behind…
Length: 4.7m Width: .55m
Weight: 22.2kg Cockpit: .71 x .55m
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Chatham 16 Polymer

An ideal coastal explorer with great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. Full-chined hull provides great stability and quick response to edging and lean turns. Bow, day, and stern hatches with bulkheads…
Length: 5m Width: .55m
Weight: 26.8kg Cockpit: .78 x .36m
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