Sit On Top Kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaking reaches a whole new level. Smart outfitting combined with a performance hull is just one reason the Vector is completely different from other recreational sit-on-tops on the market. The Vector range is designed to perform very similar to our high-end sea kayaks – from the hull to the comfortable seating system, the Vector range is perfectly suited to conditions found in Australia…

Vector 13 Kayak

Looking for a sit-on-top that is great for day touring but could be ideal for an overnight too? The Vector 13 is the rare sit-on-top that paddles like a sit-inside touring craft, giving you the best of both water worlds. Indeed, it’s a perfect blend of styles, with sit-on-top stability and sit-in performance…
Length: 4m Width: .74m
Weight: 26.8kg Capacity: 158kg
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Vector 14

Traditionally most sit-on-tops are designed to be extremely stable. To do this, designers must add width and make sure the characteristics of the hull react accordingly to ensure a high level of initial stability. The Vector 14 isn’t your “traditional” sit-on-top…
Length: 4.3m Width: .63m
Weight: 28.6kg Capacity: 136kg
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